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TS Mission

Mission and Object

Our Mission

To serve humanity by cultivating an ever deepening understanding and realisation of the Ageless Wisdom, spiritual self-transformation, and the Unity of all Life.

Our Objects

The Three Objects of the Theosophical Society in New Zealand are:

  1. To form a nucleus of the Universal Kinship of Humanity, without distinction of race, ethnicity, creed, gender, sexual orientation, caste or colour.
  2. To encourage the study of Comparative Religion, Philosophy and Science.
  3. To investigate unexplained laws of Nature and the powers latent in the human being.

Our Values

  • Altruism
  • Respect
  • Diversity
  • Recognising of the Oneness of All Life
  • Co-operation
  • Integrity

How we carry out the Mission and Objects

To help carry out our mission, the Society presents for consideration a contemporary statement of the Ancient Wisdom called Theosophy. 

  • The Theosophical Society does not require its members to accept all or indeed any of the Theosophical teachings.  
  • The motto of the Society is: “There is no religion higher than Truth.”  The term “religion” in the motto refers to religion in its highest sense, inclusive of all life.  To see each religion as an expression of the Divine Wisdom, adapted to the needs of a particular time and place.   
  • Theosophy regards the universe as alive and interrelated, with an intelligent order guiding the cyclical evolution of all life.  
  • The Theosophical Society in New Zealand supports the right of individual freedom of thought for every person and that any teachings are in no way binding on any member of the Society.


To be a member of the Society, one must be in sympathy with all of its objects. 

Although this Wisdom has been offered throughout the ages under various names and in many languages, its essence is fundamentally the same,  however much its outer aspects and manner of presentation may vary.  It especially points to the reality of a universal kinship and the imperative necessity of practising it.   It also provides insight into the unexplained laws of nature around us and encourages each individual to delve deeply into our hearts to cultivate the latent powers within.   It is through the study of religion, philosophy, and science that we can broaden our horizons to recognise the One Life in All.


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