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Founded in 1875
Founded in 1875
Founded in 1875
Welcome to Auckland Theosophical Society

What we are about

The Theosophical Society was established in Auckland in 1892 with the object of promoting the exploration of Theosophy in the community. Theosophy is a Greek word which translates to Divine Wisdom. The Theosophical Society today maintains that there has always been knowledge of this Wisdom Tradition.  Traces of which can be found in all the religions of the world, in the sacred texts left by the Ancients, in the myths and traditions of each country and the discoveries by modern science. As individuals and as an organisation, we endeavour to explore these traditions so we may come to know Who we are, Where we are going and Why we are here.


The Universe is worked and guided from within outwards.

-- H. P. Blavatsky

Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act.

-- Annie Besant

Here is my secret: I don't mind what happens.

-- J Krishnamurti

There is no wisdom without love.

 -- N. Sri Ram

The highest manifestation of wisdom is kindness.

-- Geoffrey Hodson - Illuminations of the Mystery Tradition

Our Latest Newsletter

What's happening

  • The May 2024 Newsletter
  • See what has been happening and what is coming up
  • Latest information on events

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Events at HPB Lodge

Our Programme of Events starts in March/

  • Exploring Theosophy session on Monday evenings, 27 May at 7:30pm
  • Theosophical Sundays online from 9 June - 7 July - register here to join
  • Saturday Discussion Groups being monthly from Saturday 15 May &  Saturday 13 June at 10:30am
  • Immersion Weekend, held from 04 to 04 August.  Register via National Website
  • Also other events

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Featured Video

Spiritual Practice

This is a short 20-minute clip of a presentation given by Tim Boyd, the International President of the Theosophical Society, in January 2023.

The clip gives some ideas of why such a practice is important and shows how our lives move without such a practice and where a genuine practice takes us to. 

You can watch the full video <Spiritual Practice>

4 Warborough Avenue, Epsom, Auckland


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We are Explores of the Divine Wisdom, located in Auckland. We're part of a worldwide organisation.